Disable nero as my video default



How do I diable Nero as my vide?o player default


[QUOTE=jimfarren;2516014]How do I diable Nero as my vide?o player default[/QUOTE]

What version of Nero do you have installed? The only real way to remove Nero from making it the default video player is to uninstall it. This should return it to the prior default player. Just remember when you insert a DVD movie to play just make sure you don’t check the box to “saying make this the default player” the next time it pops up. Also we don’t know what O/S your using and sometimes changing the file association can restore it to the right player default.


Nero 9.4
OS XP Pro 5.1


Nero 9.4
OS XP Pro 5.1[/QUOTE]

What is XP pro 5.1 never heard of that one?? But in any case uninstalling should return the default player as well as when you put in a dvd just make sure you remove the check mark in the box saying something like “make this my default player” so that the next time you put a cd/dvd in it will ask you which player do you want to use. I would also say make sure you nero is the latest updates as well to prevent in incompatibilities. I myself have Nero 9 Reloaded on Win7x64 and it works well burning text on my liteon unit. So did this help you??


windooze 5.1 maybe??