Disable Menu Animations?



I.e. disable the animations in a DVD menu while retaining a static frame of it with working buttons/functions.

Is there a easy way to do it ?

Maybe I’m dreaming, but I could swear I’ve seen an option in some program before which did exactly this.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Menushrink and it’s free. :smiley:


Thanks, interesting little program - I’ve checked it out, but not enough for what I need I’m afraid.

I’m dealing with relatively complex menu structures where you have situations such as multiple, independent menus inside the same VTSM, etc. which MenuShrink seems unable to handle.


Have you looked at DVDRemakePro? I don’t own or use it currently but it might be able to do what you’re looking for.


In MenuShrink did you check the preview selections box under advanced options? If you don’t like what it selects you can pick the frame you want to keep. I’ve done a lot of DVDs and I always use MenuShrink and always get still frame menus with the frames I select and all is good.


I did a couple of tests with MenuShrink and ended up getting what I needed. It does deal (brilliantly) with those multi-menu VTSMs afterall. Duh, it’s so simple that it confused me - I must be too used to unnecessarily complicated apps :bigsmile:

Thanks everyone!


I’m glad it worked out for ya! jeanl, the author of MenuShrink, is great and so are all his other apps.


OK, so now I came across a DVD which MenuShrink seems unable to handle. It says the menu doesn’t have any buttons and only gives the option to either keep it as a whole or delete the whole cell. I already tried the program options, but the “best” result I could get out of it is a non-working menu.

Viable alternatives to MenuShrink please ? :slight_smile:


Heh, after a bit of exploration I got it done using VobBlanker’s menu options. Not the same degree of control as MenuShrink regarding the still pic choice, but it worked fine.

Just in case anyone else needed the same :wink:


DVD Shrink can also reduce a menu to a still, iirc. Pick the menu and change the compression option.


@kweldood - In those menus without buttons (intors/outros, you can discard them). If not, they will simply flash up for 0.5 seconds making it look disjointed. MenuShrink has a function for discarding intro and outros.

As you have found out, so does VobBlanker. As well, DVD Remake Pro can do this and works very well when there are muktiple sets of buttons in the cells.



I cannot find menushink at videohelp. I also searched Doom 9. does anyone know of link? Or is DVDSubedit (also by JeanL) a better tool?



MenuShrink was the subject of a takedown notice, so it seems (see here). Dunno why.

Afterdawn still has it up - http://www.afterdawn.com/software/video_software/dvd_tools/menushrink.cfm.

So does Digital Digest - http://www.dvdr-digest.com/software/menushrink.html

DVDSubEdit can not perform the same function.



Thanks Blu!! Got it.

[Somewhat off topic, pardon me]: I saw some recent posts regarding VOBBlanker and author made changes so it wouldn’t run w/anydvd. I’m wondering, then, if fixvts and menushrink could inadvertantly have been used in similar fashion, so that’s why they, more or less, disappeared.



No, FixVTS doesn’t work on the DVD directly…it has to work on files that have already been ripped. I’m not as familiar with MenuShrink, but, that’s very likely the same situation. He put the changes into VobBlanker to prevent it from being used to bypass protections when used with AnyDVD, DVD43, DVD Region Free, etc.


MenuShrink works only on the files on the HDD but can be used to check to see what space savings will be gotten reading the DVD before the rip.