Disable caching files from network in Nero Express Essentials 9?


I know that in Nero Burning ROM, you can disable caching files from network shares, but I cannot find that solution anywhere in Nero Express Essentials, which was bundled with my Liteon DVD writer. So I don’t have burning RUM (I guess this is sold seperately?), how can I disable the caching in Express Essentials?

There is no option for that within the GUI, you may can edit the config file!!

Yes, probably it’s a setting, but where is it stored? In the registry? Which key is it? Or are there additioonal registry files?

Tried setting
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nero\Nero 9\Nero Burning ROM\Cache\NetDrives from 1 to 0, but it had no effect.

So the qustion is: which key is correct, and is it interpreted at all by Nero Express? Man, how I hate how Nero tries to limit every important functionality of the software that came with the writer just to sell the “full” product (which I won’t buy, there is other free software performing well without tricks like that…)

Can you not install a Nero BR version?

I would prefer 6.6.x.