Disable built in sound card

i want to plug in new sound card…but first i want to disable my built in sound card …how can i do that ?
currently i have disabled it from device manager…but its there any other way too ???

Only in the mobo BIOS.

after disabling the on-board sound in BIOS, don’t forget to completely uninstall the windows driver.

Actually it’s better to uninstall the Windows drivers first. Directly after uninstalling the drivers, you should disable the onboard audio in the BIOS. If you don’t do so, on the next reboot, Windows will find the card again and reinstall it.

depends on the type of sound-chip. and on the age of it. long time ago, when i used on-board-sound, i had to disable it BEFORE uninstalling the driver, otherwise the driver would not remove and cancel de-installation with an error message.
ok, after all, i reformatted because of having a clean installation for my audigy 2 zs :wink:

thanks alot for ur help

That was back then. Windows XP features driver rollback :wink: