Disable auto-shutdown DV-cam


I’ve attached my Panasonic NV-DS8 cam to a FirewirePort. It can be used as a high-res webcam now. The problem is, that the cam shuts down when you don’t use it (after a few minutes). With normal use, this auto-shutdown is good to save batteries, but for webcam-use it’s pretty annoying. Is there a way to disable this? I’ve been looking for a manual on the web, but no luck (cam is not the newest ;)). I can’t find any “switch” in the cam’s menu either.


Some cams only do this when they are not connected to a power suply, to save batteries.

Other cams don’t have any way to disable this, because it’s a firmware feature.

It might be possible to hack this, but I doubt that there is any information on the web that’ll help you, as it it quite a dangerous and uncommon job.