Disable ALL programs in backround to burn DVD's?

I’ve heard before that it is better to not have anything running in the backround when you burn to CD’s, and DVD’s. I have been getting different forms of read and/or write errors during burning DVD’s, and making coasters about half the time. I feel it is my burner for the most part, but not sure. I use DVD Decrypter, and either Imgburn, or Roxio. My burner is a Lite-on SOHW-1633S (double layer) with up to date firmware supplied by Lite-on. I usually disable Norton Internet Security, and disconnect my modem from the PC, but leave windows (xp pro) running normal otherwise.
Does it matter, or do I need to shut down EVERYTHING I can that may be running in the backround?
Can I leave Windows running normally, as I am ??

or----- Can I do things like surf the net, etc. while burning runs in the backround?
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
I just ordered the Pioneer 111D burner (great deal from Newegg $29.99/free shipping !!!) and want to make sure I know more about what I’m doing before I get it installed.
Thanks in advance.

What media are you using? This usually the culprit. Download Cd/DVD Speed from cdspeed2000.com and click on the disc info tab with the discs that you have been using in the drive and tell us the MID.

It shouldn’t be necessary to shutdown anything when burning , I certainly don’t. But what you don’t do is to run anything that is either I/O or CPU intensive as that might impact on the burn.

As [B]jhtalisman[/B] says it’s probably down to the media.

Using Fujifilm DVD+R DL (2.4x), and TDK DVD+R (8x)
Does cd/DVD speed tell me more info than the brand name?

Yes, a lot more.

Also you want to not be asking for stuff from the disk that the data is being got from while burning, I have a drive I use for stuff like holding the image I am burning, or when encoding/editing video.

Yes. We need the MID located under the disc info tab. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you have Ritek or Ricoh made Fuji DL discs and CMC made TDK’s. Recommend you use Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim for the single layer discs and Verbatim for the DL. All should burn beautifully in your new Pioneer.

Definitely appreciate all the advice. My new burner is on the way, get it in a few days, but I think I will get some other media advised, and try it in my present burner. Also going to set up the CD-DVD info program, see what info I get on what I’m using.
Thank you, and hope everyone has a great Christmas today :smiley: :clap: :

The only thing I turn off is my cable connection. However, I don’t use the pc for anything once I start the ripping process. I know the burning process is the most intensive, but I leave it alone for the ripping process also.

Update: I got my Pioneer111D burner from Newegg 2 days ago. Installed it without a hitch, using an 80 pin cable I put it in as a Master to the Lite-on burner I was using. I began burning the DVD ISO’s with Roxio, and have finished 8 DVD’s so far, no problems at all I even burned several ISO’s I had not been able to burn no matter which program I used (Roxio, Nero, Imageburn) before!!! Here’s the thing also…I used the same media I was using (Fujifilm, TDK, and some old Phillips).
So, I’m pretty convinced my Lite-on 1633s burner was the main culprit…
I haven’t even upgraded firmware on the Pioneer yet and it’s performing outstanding!!!

Performance aside…Should I upgrade to the latest firmware anyways??

I’ve read about the 3rd party firmware updates in these forums, but not sure if I want to take the chance…I’m not concerned as much with sheer speed as I am with pure quality.