Dirt cheap 8x DVD media at the upcoming Staples anniversary sale (U.S., May 15-21)



This is an advance notice. The sale doesn’t start at Staples retail stores until Sunday morning, May 15. This price may or may not be available online, I don’t know (you can check the website early Sunday).

$7.94 for a 50-pack of Staples-branded DVD+R and DVD-R.

According to videohelp.com reports 4x +R and -R, if you can still find them on the shelves, should be Optodisc. Questionable media, in my opinion.

8x -Rs should be CMCMAGAE1 or FUJIFILM03 made in Taiwan, while 8x +R should be MBIPG101R04 made in India. All three codes are decent quality media.

I plan to get a couple of 8x -R packs, hoping for CMCMAGAE1 which have handled themselves well in my burners so far.


thanks for the heads up. I could defanatlly go for some of the cmc or the Mb for that price!!! Never hurts to add some more to my already too large stockpile of media!!! Now I hope it all doesn’t deterorate (not really worried about it, I have ricoh that is 2 years old and still burns fine)!!!


Agent009 -

Can you shed any light on which format (as far as their respective media codes) would be better for my NEC 3500???



At my local Staples last week, all the +R spindles (25 and 50) were Made In India (MB) and any other packaging was MIT.

From what I’ve seen in the various forums here, the MBs tend to be pretty good.


Not really, because I haven’t used any NEC burners since the 2500. Here are some quality scans with identical or similar CMC and MBI media burned in 3500 and 3520 that I spotted in the NEC forum threads:


You may be able to find more using forum and thread search.

8x -R media is probably a better bet for the 3500.


The Staples here only has MB (MII) in 25 pks so i hope they get some 50 pks of them in for this sale.


[QUOTE=agent009]This is an advance notice. The sale doesn’t start at Staples retail stores until Sunday morning, May 15. This price may or may not be available online, I don’t know (you can check the website early Sunday).

$7.94 for a 50-pack of Staples-branded DVD+R and DVD-R.

thanks for heads-up. i can definetly use some more beaters for the kids. plus i hear the mb india +r’s actually burn quite well.


These Staples 50-pack +R/-R will be $4.94 each here in the Chicagoland area!!! :eek: :iagree:


I always knew Chicago was special ;).
Is this regular printed price for your zipcode or a deal opportunity?


Most of the Chicagoland Staples have just opened within the last 2 months, thus, it could just be a regional special, since I’ve checked the zip codes of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.


Just went to one of the local staples in NYC to check out the “goods” before sale starting. For the 8x DVD+Rs, they seemed to only have MIT media, which is different from videohelp’s database with MII media.

Does anyone know what type these are? I am hoping that it’s at least CMC e01 disks, since they burn quite well in my NEC3520 and BENQ1620.

If it’s not CMC e01, maybe I’ll just go with the DVD-Rs that are MIT, which they have a handful as well.


If it’s $8 a 50pc spindle you might as well go in and find out. CMCMAGAE1 is indeed not half bad.


How would you compare it to e01? I actually have and have burned and scanned ae1 but not much. E01’s however, have burned all damn day (gone thorugh a few hundred now and they work great)!!! Like I said, I have ae1 to test, just wondering what to buy?
I wouldn’t mind trying mb either.


To be honest, I have burned a bit of CMCE01 and CMCAGAE01 (Teon 8x DVD+ and -Rs) on both the NEC3520 and BENQ1620. And the quality seemed to be very similar when I scan it. So I guess it’s a toss up for me.

Some how, the best scans that I have gotten are actually from TDK’s DVD-R TYG02 disks on BENQ, even more so than Fuji/Sony T02 on BENQ. I was under the impression that BENQ doesn’t burn DVD-R well? Using B7V9 firmware.


I picked up a 50 pack of 8x+r’s and a 50 pack of 8x-r’s. they did not have any made in india 50 packs. The -r’s are cmcmagae1 and the made in tiwan +r’s are in fact cmcmage01’s, so I’m happy. I think I might have to go get some more before the sale is over even though I have more media than I need. Thats a pretty good price.



I find that the -R’s burn the best in both of my 3500’s



Just returned from local Staples, picked up a 50 pack of the +R MIT CMCMAGE01 (they had no MII MB). Burn results look pretty damn good from the Plex 716A 106FW, I am going to check and see how the Benq 1620 V9 B7V9 does here in a few. Meantime here are some PlexTools Scans.
Look as if I have found some +R media the Plex likes.


do you think you could post a scan from the benq 1620? I have a friend that has one and is thinking of getting some of this media. He just got the drive (on my recomendation) so I would hate for his first burn experience to be bad.


Here ya go, this is same movie bupt with Benq 1620 B7V9FW. Not the best but still very good for 8 bucks for 50.

Test Data Scan


That doesn’t look too bad for a scan done at 8x. The pi’s are good. The pif are kind of high but just in small spikes (and at the end). Do you know what ecc the benq reports at?