Direcx8 game

i just bought a new hp pavillion laptop, and i want to play a directx8 game, but its really really slow, i have an nvidia graphics card, i know for a fact taht this game should work fine because it works on my old laptop just fine… are there any solutuons to this

Maybe if you give us the exact model of the laptop and the game we can better determine the graphics performance expected.

One thing you can install is the latest directx drivers, get them HERE.

If you determined whether you have AMD or Nvidia graphics, you can download the latest graphics drivers from their sites. amd.com or nvidia.com

More than likely, it’s the operating system used in your newer laptop. Windows Vista has never been very robust in running DirectX 8 or DirectX 9 games compared to its predecessor, Windows XP. And that’s not to mention that DirectX 8 predates Vista by more than six years (and even DirectX 9 came out nearly five years before Vista).

its a hp pavillion dv9700 notebook
and an nvidia 7150M graphics card
and my old laptop was vista, and it was working fine on that…
its an mmorpg btw

Did you check the website/support/forum or helpdesk of the mmorpg in question if there ever was a problem regarding your notebook/video card/operating system?