Directxtodvd 23.976fps to 25fps



I have just used directxtodvd after using thefilmmachine and cce encoder for a long time
i was very impressed by the quality and the speed in which it converted avi’s but and a BIG BUT the pulldown needs to be worked on you can detect a slight jerky movement on the pulldown from 23 to 25 now i did the same film with avi2dvd and the filmmachine and althoug takes a little longer it a nice smooth transition from 23 to 25 and also every now and then it used to jump a few frames on directxtodvd when it did not when using the film machine if this can be made better i would say directxtodvd is the best converter around untill then i am a little dissapointed.
with straight 25fps to 25fps this problem does not exisit.
nice program though keep working on it seems this one you have to pay for


Program is now called ConvertXtoDVD and it handles pull-down just fine, whole engine was changed with name.


Sorry yes your right thats the one i got convertx2dvd but unfortunately it does not handle conversion just fine as all my 23fps to 25 have a slight jerk on them where as the film machine and avi2dvd does not. but as for speed of conversion convertxtodvd is far quicker.


perhaps someone can explain why there is this jerkiness on films but not with the filmmachine


Sorry - that jerkiness that did exist in DivXtoDVD simply is not there when converted with ConvertXtoDVD.

Engine is totally re-written and it does proper pull-down.
So, without more information there is no explanation to you.

Only thing that might affect is your system codecs and DirectX; if they are not up-to-date then problems might arise. But you should see that same effect when viewing un-converted file on PC.


I have to diasgree with you i have all the latest codecs and direct x and with the filmmachine or avi2dvd it is simply not there there may be a whole new complete engine but i have the proof here on dvd and using a dvdplayer set to pal in uk.when convetted with the other software i get no kerkiness but you do with the convertxtodvd only very slight but its there and noticable if your been converting fiolms as i have for a very long time. im not putting the program down just want someone to look into it further.