DirectX for Linux

I just posted the article DirectX for Linux.

Have you ever wanted a DirectX like application for Linux.

Well here it is. Library SDL is a standard codebase for Linux, and is used to make 3D action games like many developers do with…

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I didn’t think that people used Linux for gaming… Well of course some people play games on Linux as well but I hardly think that stabile gaming is the sole purpose of Linux! :wink:

If Microsoft Continues it’s crusade on it’s users, then it WILL be a Gaming platform.

If Linux becomes a gaming platform then it will also become less stable - just like Microsoft.

No it wouldn’t. You need to DIG deeper into Linux before you say that.

how exactly would linux become more unstable because of games? games would run just like any other application… on top of the OS, not bypassing it. gaming on linux would be great. this would probably get more people to use linux. imagine a super stable OS with awesome 3d games. now all we need is an awesome desktop (something like macOSX) with easier to use applications. if this all happens, i can play games, my mom can use email, my dad can type documents, and my sister can burn her cds, and we will never have to use a micro$oft product again. then again, i’ll just get a mac.

Linux is already a gaming platform; it can already run the best games. - ID did a fine job of Q3A on Linux - emulators (eg XMAME) run very accurately. - then there is WINE Mario Twins: I WANT TO PLAY

UnrealTournament also runs sweet in Linux as well as Quake III (as said earlier). I just wish I could play Half-Life on it without all of the bullsh!t of Wine as I would like to just run Half-Life like I do in Windows. I’m sure in due time, Wine will run all Windows apps/games in Linux and then all the Windows cd is good for is an expensive coaster :slight_smile:

Why bother with Linux or windows when u could get a MAC :). Sice i have got a G4 laptop running MAC OS 9.1 it has crashed once - in the same period i have lost count of how many time my win98 pc has crashed :frowning: and the desktop looks sweet almost as sweet as the mac its self :slight_smile: but its not a gaming platform.

haha. no doubt about it, mac is definitely not a gaming platform. i hope developers would see the mac as a viable market. i’m waiting to hear that civilization 3 would be ported to the mac. the moment that happens, i’m getting a powerbook. goodbye microsoft. goodbye linux.

Well I use Unix at work and I hate it. Is Linux like that? Isn’t it built on a Unix platform like windows is built on top of DOS? How is Linux for DVD converting to Divx or VCD? Anybody tried both windows and Linux dvd converting and can give an opinion. :r