DirectX 9.0C?

Anyone have any problems or luck with this update? Is it needed or worth it? I figure if it’s not broke why tamper.

I am using Windows 2000 with an ATI Radeon 9600 xt.

if you want to play Sims 2 you’l probably need it… :wink:

even, if you upgrade to WinXP SP2 (yeah, you won’t do that, but IF… :wink: ) 9.0c is installed automatically…

more and more games will come out forcing you to install it, even if the “new” features of 9.0c are not used in this game…

so, earlier or later you gonna install it… :wink:

Sims 2 works just fine without it. But you will probably need it sooner or later. I personally put off upgrades for 6mo to give time for bugs to come up and possibly be resolved.

ok, but i cannot remind where DX had a real bug… :wink:

i think 6 months are a little long, in this time there are normally 2nd and 3rd updates for the update released… :bigsmile:

i think there’s no danger from just installing it - if you install an actual pc-game and don’t read all the messages and click on “next” one time too much it will be installed also… :wink:

how did you manage to install it without DirectX 9.0c?, using the installer it wont let you contine without insataliing it, guess you copied over then program files.

ben :slight_smile:

My sister installed it, I know I had given her 9.0b, unless its all part of the install process, I can check if you really wanna know.

yeh, i wanna know… :wink: :bigsmile:
i’d say it is 9.0c… :wink: