DirectX 9.0c - problem maybe?

Just ran dxdiag the other day and it mentioned something about the directx.cpl running in debug mode. Not quite sure what this means, is there a way to get it out of debut mode and running properly?

you installed the directx sdk?

Thought I installed the end-user runtime… I really think it was the one that came with Everquest 2. Hrm, I’m not sure to be honest. hehe, well, the question is can I just install the regular end-user one now and that would update it or am I just stuck? :stuck_out_tongue:

if you installed the sdk which you probably have it should have a folder in the start menu called “directX sdk” and in there you can change the install from debug to the runtime. There should also be an option in “dxdiag”(can’t remeber if there was)

Never had that folder upon the directx installation. Not sure why exactly or what happened there but I just did the web setup from Microsoft’s website for DirectX 9.0c figuring it’d laugh at me and say it was already up-to-date and current. Nope, installed through and told me I needed a restart. Restarted, ran dxdiag, and clicked on the DirectX Files tab and “No problems found” was displayed. That’s better! No point in hogging up system resources if you don’t need to - especially in games like UT 2004, Everquest 2, and NFS: Underground 2 that are rather demanding graphically. hehe

Directx.cpl is not normally part of the end user runtime but has been posted as directX control panel around the net for download as it works with both the sdk and end user runtime.

checked my own dxdiag and it said No ptoblems but directx.cpl was listed maybe you installed the debug version? strange.