DirectX 8 released

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Microsoft has gone gold with DirectX 8.0, the next version of its multimedia API. It’ll be officially available for download from MSDN “before 12.01am” Pacific Time on…

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Finally something good from MS.

how many systems is this gonna crash…LOL

IDD, but I rememberd but that wasn’t always so.A few years ago , when I installed dirctX 2 and 3, my system totally crashed, I had to reformat my total hard drive !
Good thing that isn’t so anymore…
Now it’s simply all the rest from microsoft that SUCKS !!!

I agree with you guys! So iam not sure about the latest MS destroyer!!! when I tried to install this, the files unpacks itself but as soon as it tries to initialise it crashes and hangs and stop responding. Any body else had a wonderfull experience like this you’d like to share?

After installing it, my ISDN was kicked out the config!!!
After restoring it I’m now hoping that that was the only error it will give!

Hey Wookie! Aren’t you just talking bullshit? You can’t even restore a DirectX installation and you can’t install an older version on top of a newer… If Microsoft sucks that much, why do you guys who are talking crap about it even try it? Microsoft isn’t great but there isn’t really much competition either… If you can’t write a better OS yourself, shut the fuck up!!!

Rub the shit out of your eyes, Chronic!
Wookie didn’t say he restored DirectX, he restored his ISDN config.
It’s just because M$ doesn’t have serious competition we have to run their software, but don’t expect me to pay for their badly programmed shit.

Yes Chronic, better read it correct the 1st time! :stuck_out_tongue:
But it is possible to restore an older version of dX when U have a newer version installed!!! (FE: install dX 7.0 when U 1st had 8.0!!!)
But I don’t think U’re smart enought 2 know how! Haha! :stuck_out_tongue:
(Just joking, no hard feelings)


Shitty M$, why the hell did they introduce that directX anyway? Some years ago, before DirectX, all my games worked perfectly. Many of em were DOS based, like Warcraft II, C&C and Carmageddon, but WIN95 games like Necrodome, Red Alert and N.I.C.E. didn’t gave shit at all. WITHOUT any DirectX!! Typically a M$ thing, bringing something on the market that isn’t necessary at all. Just to make big bucks. But DirectX is free, and you can download it for free on the Internet. yeah right. in 1996/97, the internet was SLOW. And I’m not going to download a 10MB program with my 14k4 at about 200 bytes/sec! Just another pact of M$ with the phonecompanies, which made 5 cents a minute in those days.


Hey direct X 8.0 seems to be fine … why dont you whiners run a real OS like windows 2000 or nt 4 instead of your wussy 9X …

Real os???

What the hell is wrong with DirectX 8.0 ?? It is working perfectly here.

You can say that Microsoft suxx, but why is nearly everybody using its software? You should start thinking here

If you think windows sucks so god damn bad… write your own kickass OS good luck

DirectX 8 from a programmer’s standpoint: all these prerelease sdks are getting me really mad :frowning: i dont think microsoft places enough value on the frustration of the programmer when they go chaging things around like they do… last year the same code that works now will probably never compile again… DX 7 was good, but 8 leaves much to be desired… like i said you end users wont even notice this but the programmers certainly do! :4 sits and hopes that 8.2 will be better moral: dont prerelease just release it when its done! :slight_smile:

Aren’t these guys just ripping off Primera? There unit is the exact same. They just sell it for less.