DirectX 8 for Windows 98/ME and 2k

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Here it is… Microsoft DirectX 8.0 for Windows 98/ME and Windows 2K. It’s 11.5 Megs in…

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hhmmm…I went to Ms’s offical DirectX download site but there is no mention about DirectX 8.0. Any answers? Thanks guys

"Release Candidate 0 of DirectX 8.0 " … Relez Candidates aren´t publically posted… dats why its mirrored on

When they have corrected the bugs they have coded

Phase7: how can you be 21 october ??

I posted AFTER you

When will the final version of it be released?


the writer is gud, but makes more noise as compared to Sony, my prev drive.

i like 2 use liteon but till now i have 1 problem aproxmenty 3 month from the day i get just i write 2 dvd only and then stopwriting i dont now how.i have 20xdvd/cd writer&rwriter model LH-20A.

I own 3 of these drives and I must say they have worked far beyond what I thought they would. Great product… great price too. Cant go worng with this one

After being wronged by a sony I have realized that Liteonit is the only way to go. My cd-w 16x10x40 has worked flawless for over 5 years. I bought a sony dru 710 A and after just only 8 dvd’s recorded it stopped writting and said NO DISC after calling sony they said sorry it is a few days out of warranty but we can sell you a refurbished one, and get this for about the price I paid for it new! I now own a litonit LH-20A1H dvd rw . And it already beat sony out by price and quality! Way to go Liteonit :wink: :wink: