DirectX 8.1 is officially released

I just posted the article DirectX 8.1 is officially released.

shovmyfist and inssane used our newssubmit to tell us that Microsoft has official released DirectX 8.1 for Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition (Me) operating system. DirectX 8.1 will not run on…

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Please tell me that is not a 55 meg DL and that it is just 55 meg free space needed! :slight_smile:

The download is only 11.5mg, thank fook :slight_smile:

“This latest version of DirectX offers updated graphics, faster frame rates…” So, this means that earlier DirectX made your graphics card slower on purpose ? Then, newer DirectX can put back the speed :(. Surely, to get faster speeds, you’ll need faster graphics card + CPU. I understand the need for the other facilities - hence newer DirectX, but the first part of the quote is taking the mickey.

I JUST LOVE MICROSOFT and directx. they are the things that keep this world up and running :7

(forgive me if this is a double post…something goofed) “Surely, to get faster speeds, you’ll need faster graphics card + CPU.” Actually, a lot of how faster your computer does 3D Graphics applications/games is based on how fast the driver is, how well it handles memory, and other usages of system resources. Drivers make or break a system. with that said, I wouldn’t expect anything ground shaking from Microsoft/DirectX :slight_smile:

Mazrikoth, actually, you’re wrong, the graphics card has a lot to do with the 3D graphics - no driver and tweaking will make an Nvidia Geforce 1 beat an ATI Radeon - even with shitty drivers. I’m using 3dfx voodoo 2 on a Pentium III 1000 and to be honest the performance for games is very shit - no drivers or DirectX 8.1 is going to help. I need to save up for a new card.

I didn’t mean to say it was all software. Of course a piece of hardware with more power is going to win. But look what Nvidia has done with their cards, they eek out every bit of power they can by re-doing their driver set and making memory usage and mapping more productive and effecient. There’s a point where you can’t go any further with a certain set of hardware, but the newest ATI Radeon 8500 should tell you how crappy drivers can slow down a card, and I’m fairly certain when they do get a decent set of drivers out, Nvidia will have a bit more to fear (until THEY release better drivers…and it goes back and forth, this is awesome for the consumer). Just my 2-bits :slight_smile: