DirecTV wants to offer premium VOD for just-released movies

DirecTV wants to offer premium VOD for just-released movies.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The way people consume media is changing. How to best address distribute media is the challenge facing film studios and production companies. Making new movies readily (and quickly) available via Video On Demand is one way to satisfy viewers. In recent years we've watched streaming content explode in popularity while more conventional avenues crumble. The companies which evolve and adapt reap the rewards, while those that drag their feet or resist the digital departure are left in the dust. DirecTV is one company that's decided it wants to change with the times, not play catch-up.

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With a price tag of $25-$30 per movie, I just don’t see a mad rush for this except for really big blockbuster movies. Movie theater owners need not worry at least not at the price of each rental.

$25-$30, for that much I can BUY the movie on Bluray and
still have enough left over for a bag of Orville’s finest.

I think you should be comparing the VOD price with actually going to a theater for say 3 ~ 4 people, popcorn, drinks etc and I think that the VOD is way cheaper plus “Olddancer” it’s not on BD after two weeks after theater release maybe two months…

Is this worth the investment from DirecTV? I am just not sure if they will have the demand with a price tag so high! I’m a DISH Network subscriber/employee, and I find watching HDNet movies works just fine. With that, I already get to watch movies before DVD release.