DirecTV to add XM radio channels to it's listings Nov.15

One of my favorite things on DirecTV is the music channels. No ads and no annoying disc jockeys. Now we are about to receive some XM station in place of music choice. I know nothing of XM except that it is really catching on in the uS. I just hope it is as good or better than Music Choice, which I reaaly enjoyed. Here is the link in case you are not aware of this upcoming change in our programming.

Dish is already offering the full complement of music channels, plus all the Sirius satellite channels. DirecTV is just playing catch-up again.

Interesting that they can’t seem to find bandwidth for the existing HD channels, but they keep finding bandwidth for other things.

The music channels are about the only reason I have not dumped DTV. I already pay an extra $10 a month for my cable ISP since I am not a cable TV customer (not to mention it is raining hard right now and there is no signal). If they don’t offer channels similar to what is already available, I’ll most likely be dumping DTV. I find myself switching over to the music channels most of the time anyway. If there are ads/jocks… goodbye DTV.

Well, the XM Radio starts today for those of us using DirecTV and here is the new listings along with the old Music Channel equivalents. With this comparison PDF file, you can see how to find the stuff you used to like on Music Channel. I can’t wait to get home and check out the new lineup! :stuck_out_tongue:

Equal time :wink: :

Dish offers around 120 channels of music-only, including the Sirius channels.

Lineup can be seen HERE

LOOOOOOOL OK RD! You are right as rain, as usual! :flower: I gotta look at making the switch someday. Hows the HD? Still up to snuff with Dish Network? I just cancelled DirecTV HD as it sucks a perfect vacuum. In fact it sucks so bad that when I was cancelling they said, “Hey, even though you are cancelling, we will give you the next 3 months for free.” and I said “No thanks!” :bigsmile:


Dish has moved the VOOM HD channels to a new sat at 129’, so they now use a triple-LNB dish to get all 3 sats. (Were using a 61’ sat for the VOOM which has lots of issues). I get the top 120 pkg, HBO, Showtime, HD plus VOOM and DVR service for around $90/mo. I get locals/local HD from the off-air antenna strapped to the dish boom. The 10 VOOM channels are nice, but programming is sparce, only 2 of them are full-time movies and the rest repeat programming a lot. If Dish ever adds the other 10 VOOM channels, there would be a lot more movies. Dish now only has the one “942” HD DVR receiver, I have a different one (921). The 942 has no SVHS outputs, so it sucks for connecting to recorders and the like.

DirecTV is about to start DVB-s2/H.264/AVC1/mpeg4 transmissions/services in North-America now.

That’s what were announced via Dr.Dish TV in their latest session.

HD via antenna (terrestrial) is already working in the States?
It will (probably) never happen here in Germany, there isn’t even enough bandwith for a bunch of digital channels in SDTV… LOL
And the DVB-T quality is mostly crap here. :frowning: