DirecTV Hi-Def audio drop-outs

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed that the HD channels seem to suffer from a lot of audio drop-outs. I see this mostly on certain nights, and it seems to occur on all the HD channels. Some are worse than others, but any HD channel can do it. Sometimes it’s accompanied by a quick picture breakup. Most nights, it’s just fine.

It is not weather related, at least not on this end. Anybody else noticed this? I wonder if it’s weather on the uplink side, or weather at the uplink from the channel itself, because DirecTV get’s all it’s programming from other satellites.

Could be the Meteor showers? Sun spots high lately? Forgot to add i too have HDTV and haven’t noticed anything like that. I have a 811 box Dish Network.

Hi Rd!

I have my setup running and have not noticed any dropouts in my neck of the woods. Of course, at 5,000 ft I am a little closer to the satellite. :wink:

I am using an RCA hi def receiver, is that what you have? BTW, did you see the preview on the high def “ESPN channel” for the Bikini babes posing in Alaska that coming up? I think it’s called Friday night out for the men or something. drool I damn near dropped the remote when that preview came on. I thought I just stepped into a Playboy Magazine the picture was so clear.

I have the Samsung receiver. It was particularly bad tonight while watching T3 on HBO. But I also had it on Showtime and a couple others. It only happens with programs shown in HD with DD sound. Programs not in HD (on the HD channel) with regular Doilby Surround don’t do it.

edit: Also at 5k ft, my signal strength never varies.

Well, I was at a company dinner last night and never even turned on the TV. But I will say this, these high def receivers are not bulletproof. Mine locked up while I was using the guide and I had to reboot the darn thing Tuesday night. I am willing to bet there is something funky with that receiver of yours. I will be watching TV tonight, so if I get the same problem I’ll let you know. We have two different receivers so we can rule that out if I have trouble too. However, here is a couple users complaining about audio dropouts with this DirecTV Samsung receiver.

I think I would be giving DirecTV a jingle if I were you. These receivers can’t take heat and have poor cooling ability. I just set some DVDs down on top of mine and it covered half the holes in the top-boom it locks up a couple hours later. Yes that was stupid. :o But those reviewers mention that the Samsung even may need an external fan in the above linked reviews, that isn’t right. :rolleyes:

Hmmm, interesting that others have reported the dropouts. Mine is well ventilated. Might have to bug DirecTV about it, although they are pretty worthless for “support”.

Well, the nice support lady just told me that the problem is with the broadcasts, and DirecTV is “working to resolve it”. She said that a large number of receivers have been replaced due to dropouts, but they now feel that it’s an issue with the broadcasts from DirecTV.

On the surface, it would seem that this problem only affects certain receivers, which seems odd. Time will tell I guess. but considering that I paid them around $500 for this system, I hope it gets “resolved” without me having to RMA several receivers. BTW, I ran signal strength on all 3 satellites, and all transponders are at 96 or above.

My signal is only about 85 on two and I do have 96 on another. But, anyway if I don’t have the problem then it is NOT the broadcast unless I have some sort of magical receiver that can intercept non existant signals from outer space. I will turn on the High Def channels and watch. If you have a drop outs and I don’t maybe we can help DirecTV figure this out. :wink: It will be harder to troubleshoot if it is the “broadcast” because we both have to be watching the same damn thing. :frowning: So I guess this was pretty clever-“diagnosis”.

I would be pissed if this happened to me and they would have to start compensating. She screwed up when she said they knew it was a problem. I mean they can’t really charge for a service that does not work correctly for what is beginning to sound like quite a while.

Ah well, if you have dealt much with DirecTV then you know that “troubleshooting” is not on their menu of options. Unless you call rebooting your receiver “troubleshooting” :wink: I’ll give it a few days then ask for a replacement. The problem is that you can’t request a specific brand of receiver, you get what they send you. As I recall, they are currently using RCA and Samsung.

Edit: also forgot to mention that I don’t recall having this on HD programming with non-5:1 encoded sound.

Might want to sheck out what just popped up on channel 599. :bigsmile:

Hmm that’d odd I don’t get 599- it isn’t even listed on my directory. I hope it ain’t bikini clad models in Alaska! Iv’e been waiting for that one. :sad:

Well, yes it was. but it’s gone now. :sad: “Playboy HD” was there last night. :bigsmile: Musta been a freeby preview.

Edit: According to the DirecTV lineup, Spice HD is supposed to be there, but the channel is blank today. :confused:

Spice High-Definition is available Thursday – Sunday in two, 3-hour pay per view blocks on channel 599:

12 a.m. – 3 a.m. (ET)


3 a.m. – 6 a.m. (ET)

Order either block for only $14.99 each!

Thanks for the heads up anyway- :slight_smile: I’ll keep a lookout. :stuck_out_tongue:

So where does one get an RCA HD receiver? I can only find the Samsung and the Hughes with HD TIVO.

That’s what the man brought the day they installed the dish. An RCA DTC210. :slight_smile: I didn’t get TiVo maybe that’s why I got the RCA instead of the Hughes. I figured I could make up a SFF PC that would do the same thing plus more. However, I have been kicking myself in the *ss since I see how easy TiVo would be to use with the online guide. Two punches on the remote and it is done. :cool: May change my mind on that one later, we’ll see.

OT: Speaking of remotes, I have 4 of the darn things so I bought a Logitech Harmony 680 USB universal remote control. See if I can macro my way out of this situation.

I just can’t bring myself to spend $1000 for a HD TIVO. But I’m close to buying an RCA receiver if it will solve the problems with the Samsung. :frowning:

Well I had to pay 299 for my reciever. Otherwise the install was going to be “free”. I would hope that DirecTV would replace your defective unit. Ah well, this is what we have to expect when we are early adopters I guess. At least by June we will have a heck of a lot more HD Programming due to the new satellites. :wink:


I’m going to call Samsung today, but I have low expectations for that.

Called Samsung, they suggested replacing the unit.
Called DirecTV, and after some wrangling and demanding, they agreed to replace the unit. New unit en route by overnight UPS, supposedly.
Unfortunately, they have no idea what brand unit they are sending.

The overnight shipping took about 10 days. Finally got the refurbished replacement receiver installed and it does the same thing, though not as bad. Unfortunately it has other issues too, like ignoring input from the remote on a regular basis. I guess it’s official, Samsung sucks for DTV receivers.