DirecTV coming to Media Center Edition & Xbox 360 Dashboard?

I just posted the article DirecTV coming to Media Center Edition & Xbox 360 Dashboard?.

 As  announced at CES, Microsoft has struck an interesting, even exciting deal   with DirecTV. I guess they say it best here from the press release in  January: "Deal will enable flow of...
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With only a 20 GB hard drive? :r I better be able to plug in some external USB hard drive to use as external storage, or backup the content to a PC to burn to media …SOMETHING other than only the XBOX hard drive! I guess I’m dreaming…

The 360 is a media extender. Your PC is the storage device, and the compressed video is streamed over the network to the 360 (which has built in decompression).

No, they claim 360 will download to its HD, that’s how their VOD will work, and how it works now when I download sample clips from XBOX Live. But your reason is another reason XBOX 360’s media center features suck hard rocks. I have to go buy a media center PC, I can’t even upgrade my XP box which I just spent a fortune on, when XP is completely capable of streming video with WM connect. I’m sick of 360 being used as a ploy to sell Media Center PC’s. I can’t wait to be able to MOD it and use it as a real media center.
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