Directors cut



How can I avoid getting the directors cut of a blu-ray movie. I copied the movie “terminator 3” using anydvd, bd-rebuilder and imgburn. When I played it back the directors cut version was on it. I tried 3 times but never got the “movie only” version that I wanted. Also, I was wondering about “One pass (crf) encoding” and “One pass (abr) encoding” selections in bd-rebuilder. How important are they and when should I or should not use them. Thank you for your response.


If BD-Rebuilder is not selecting the correct version, and you cannot deselect the stream with the director’s commentary by previewing the movie in BD-Rebuilder (right click on the video once imported to BD-Rebuilder), then you can try running the movie through ClownBD to get the correct version.

Make sure to export as Blu ray in ClownBD. It won’t take very long to do this process…nowhere near as long as compressing with BD Rebuilder. Test the output by playing the main m2ts file in Media Player Classic HomeCinema or VLC. Then compress it with BD-Rebuilder.


As for the crf vs abr one pass settings, I suggest you read this page over at Afterdawn:

Abr will speed things up considerably over the 2 pass encoding. I would not use this setting when going to DVD-5 or DVD-9. I reserve it for encoding to 25gb size, and usually for those movies that don’t require a lot of compression to fit a 25gb disk. Normally I use 2 pass vbr, movie only.

I’ve never used the crf setting.