Director's cut audio

I have a Benq dw1610 burner I have burned many dvd with but on the odd ocation when i get done and play it the directors coments are coming in for the audio? I am using anydvd and clone dvd any sujestions? Example In the Cut,The Girl next door,once upon a time in Mexico, the count of Monte Cristo,the Dreamer,the butterfly effect.

Thanks I am in Canada

You are selecting the wrong audio stream when you compile. Clone doesn’t always show the correct stream in the first position. The commentary will usually list as a 3:1 DD stream after the main stream, but not always.
DVDShrink is a bit better at putting the main stream 1st. If you always select the first 5:1 DD stream, you will usually get the right one.

Before to backup a movie, to choose the right audio streams you can play the movie on your computer with a player such as PowerDVD. In this way you can see what each audio track contains and select the right ones in cloneDVD