Directors comments(newbie)

:frowning: Hello i’m new at this i’m using clonedvd2 and the last three or four movies i tryed to back up has the directors coments playing all they way through and you can’t turn them off in the audio settings i’ve looked everywhere for some where to delete the directors comments when backing up but i must be missing something. help please

when i use dvd shirink to rip to my hdd, i have to choose the audio. u can have more than 1, and select them for the audio menu. try using dvd shrink-i no nothing bout clonedvd

If your remote has an audio button you can use it to switch audio streams. As mentioned above, using DVDShrink selecting audio streams to include or remove is quite easy. In the case of a movie that has been re authored (no menu’s) I’ve used the audio button to toggle from 2ch - 5.1ch - Commentary many times.

DVDShrink is free btw. :wink:

When you copy the movie dont copy the AC 3\2 audio streams these are generally the directors commentary. the AC 3\6 stream is the audio for the main movie.