Directors Commentary

Hello Everyone,
I am running DVD Decrypter Version and Clone DVD2 Version My problem is this…I have been backing up dvd’s for awhile know with no problems. All of a sudden I am backing them up and the only audio I can get on them is the Directors Commentary. Dont want that…I have checked around on here and everyone is talking about which audio you are supposed to copy. The only option that I have for Audio is English Dolby AC- 3/2…there are no other options…What do I do or what am I doing wrong???any help would be greatly appreciated…Thanks

I like the answer to that one myself. I always wanted to cut out the director’s commentary, but never seemed to be able to. I once cut out what was supposed to be only the storyboards for a 007 movie with Pierce Brosnon and Michelle Yeoh, but then all I got was the background music, with no sound for dialogs–and CloneDVD (when I previewed it) showed all I had removed was the storyboards and excess subtitles. :frowning: The only suggestion I can make is that you cut out what you think it is, then play the ‘clipped’ version from your HD, with something like PowerDVD, so when you cut out the right thing, everything else should remain that you wanted.

BTW, welcome to CDFreaks. :wink:

Big Joe, it looks like you and I are here for the same reason. Most recent coasters are Goodfellas and Star Wars II (I have backed up all other SW semi-successfully).

Problem seems more pronounced recently, I’ve gotten a fairly big collection of DVDs over time.

I tried checking all the files that are with the dvd and they all have the comentary on them…am I doing something wrong??Or did I copy it wrong???

This is wild. I haven’t been to the forum in six months. I stop by with a question and it is the same question as BigJoe posted yesterday.

Using CloneDVD and AnyDVD I’ve just did clone of entire dvd, not cutting out anything. Well on two different movies (on +RW) all I got was commentary for audio.
Another on (+R) was just a PBS documentary, again clone entire dvd not cutting anything. Again just commentary for audio.
Any reason this would happen? Thanks mukgul

Same situation here for several movies such as SWAT, Guess Who and Bewitched. Used Clone2DVD with AnyDvd. Also tried DVDShrink then Nero to burn. Both had commentary over audio. Tried different configurations with the same result. From what I have seen so far, it seems to be movies with Sony or Columbia involved. Haven’t been able to find a work around.

Ok guys…I tried the movies again…I didnt realize that it was clonedvd was automatically checking 3-2 on the audio…I unclicked that and clicked on the 3-6 and it is perfect…You guys are great and thank you very much for the responses…Good to know people are willing and more than able to help out…