Director's commentary not wanted on recode

Just got DVDFab Mobile and a Cowan D2. When recoding to 320x240 resolution on a TV show from a DVD and a DVD movie (and changing to AVI), I end up with the director’s commentary over the entire movie/show on my D2. I know this is a normal option when viewing a DVD thru the menu on a DVD player, but I have no interest in it. Other than that, the shows play great. Any ideas what I can do to get the recoding completed without the commentary? Thanks in advance for your help.

The audio track that will be converted is selected in the upper right window (before you click Next). Make a short test (1 chapter) selecting a different audio stream until you find the correct one. For region 1 English discs it is almost always the top one. The director’s commentary is often either the bottom one or the lowest English one. Use the Title Start/End Settings button to select a single chapter for conversion to shorten the process.

You were dead on! Thanks for your help!

Glad it worked. Enjoy your Cowan :slight_smile: