Director Commentary Issue

I am using AnyDvd and CloneDVD; I’m having a problem backing up DVDs with director’s commentary. I can backup the DVDs. However, the director’s commentary is automatically turned ON and I can not turn OFF the commentary. Even if I try to disable the commentary under the special features menu on the DVDs, the commentary plays during the movie. I’ve encountered this problem with Dirty Pretty Things and The Man From Elysian Fields; both Region 1 DVDs. Has anyone else experienced this problem and found a solution?

Need more info…Are you copying whole DVD or Movie Only? You can choose which Audio you want to include in your copy and I personally NEVER include the Directors Cut.

I recommend reading the CloneDVD2 Help file (Top right corner of program).

the diretors commentary is typically the AC3\2 audio stream uncheck that before copying. the movie audio is the AC3\6

thx, selecting audio stream AC3\6 and de-selecting AC3\2 corrected the issue

Always try to use AC3\6 even if you have just a regular stereo without Dolby Digital or DTS. It is backwards compatible with this type of audio equipment and will play just fine.