Director Commentaries play without being chosen in the menu

When I burn a movie then try to play it the director commentaries play automatically. Turning the function off in the main menu does not work. This has been happening frequently.

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Suggest viewing the below Forum posting for information on how to identify and determine what the audio streams are in the CloneDVD software program. Refer to posting #6 comments.

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Also be sure you are choosing the correct video stream if you are only copying the movie. If the list shows more than one video choice with a length and number of chapters that could be the main movie, preview them before burning. There is a fair chance that CloneDVD2 will choose the top one when you really want a different one.

This is because some movies include different ways of reading the same vob files so that director comments or even links to bonus items so that they interrupt the movie can be mixed in during the playback. This makes CloneDVD2 thinks there are multiple video streams when there really is just one.

I recently encountered this when burning Van Helsing … on my third try now, this time leaving out ALL extras and selecting only the eng. ac/3.2 audio option … fingers crossed

There are two "eng. ac/3.2 audio option"s on Van Helsing. Congratulations, you are now backing up one of the two commentaries!. And why leave out the extras, they are great special features if you like special features. Including them has nothing to do with the soundtrack problem. Anyway …

Put the original into your player. Notice there are two commentaries under special features. play them. Use the audio button of your remote to cycle through the all the soundtracks to check them all out by watching your players “on-screen” display. Also, look at the channel input display on your amp for each soundtrack you cycle through. Both commetaries play 2.0 surround or English AC 3/2. (2-channel sound plus a matrixed surround channel). Really now, how could a recent blockbuster like Van Helsing have only two channel sound for the main soundtrack? Commentaries on all movies are almost always 2-channel soundtracks.

The outside of the DVD box that your movie came in says DD 5.1 right? So the movie soundtrack has to be the English AC 3/6 right? (5-channel sound and the subwoofer channel = 6) right?

After re-reading my post I guess I sound like I’m being curt to you. Sorry.

But the moral of this posting: Don’t guess or cross your fingers. That’s Superstition, not technology. CloneDVD gives you a powerful tool to make backups. Think out your backup before you waste a disk. If something like sound tracks or Title Sets is unclear to you in the CloneDVD interface, then check out the movie original in your home entertainment player, using the display on your amp and and your player’s onscreen Title Set and soundtrack displays, before you backup or you are backingup blind.

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Perchance does anyone bother to actually read these threads?

In posting #2 in this thread I provide a link that explains exactly in detail how to identify and distinguish what each of the audio stream (tracks) are. If folks would read these threads there would be no guessing what the audio streams were and no one would be having to crossing their fingers.

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