"Directly to pcmcia", usb2, firewire. Better connction?

Yes, I am newbie! :disagree:
I own a Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop with a Toshiba dvd-rom, and I need a dvd writer. :iagree:
It is a few time I am trying to understand the best solution and no way…
Dell says I can´t change the toshiba for a writer, my system is not disegned for this, I do not know why. :frowning:
I though to an internal drive into an external case. But people scared me: the box can have compatibility problems with drive or notebook, can be not fully pinned, can provide no enough power or too much, and internal drives are not made to travel, they will broke.
So, I searched external ones, even if more expensive :sad:
I asked to Dell. Dell told me they sell Origin Storage slimline external ones.
I do not know this brand. But, if Dell suggests it… :rolleyes:
The drive can come with one of these connection possibilities: directly pcmcia, or usb2, or firewire. :doh:
So: my laptop has got no usb2 ports, nor firewire. I do have a pcmcia slot free. It should be faster and surer to connect the drive directly to pcmcia, or for some reason a usb or firewire adapter, even if it would be, after all, a pcmcia card, would be faster than a “direct to pcmcia” connection? :confused:
I sincerely thanks for any help and suggestion. :bow: