Directions with DVD fab express. HELP!

i think i just downloaded a dvd to my hard drive. im not sure.

dvd fab express no shows; ready (quality 100%).

also a “START button”.

are there any directions on how to operate this program?

i did a little sreaching but no luck.

Hi dannylb and welcome… :iagree:

On the first window as express (or gold) opens, click on the “?” icon (upper right), then click on help…you’ll see a brief but decent tutorial.

Hope this helps.

Click on the “?” in the right corner on top line. Also I converted it to PDF ZIP file, and will email when it is requested by PM it is too large to post here.


i clicked on the ? mark but it leads to no where.


i put this in my address link AND it didnt work.

You will have to cut and paste it. I don’t know why it wont point and click. Thats the page you should be sent to when you click on ?

well im just wondering when do i know its ready for me to burn the DVD

That link is a local one on a computer and will only work on that computer.


Ok wondered why no http Why is his ? not working

Not sure but there is probably a conflict, if running XP control, Alt, Delete to see if it is responding.


If your worried about that percentage thing I wouldn’t could not find any thing about it in instructions. Would never change for me said 79% ready waited 10 minutes no change pressed start recorded great. Done 4 others since none saying 100% all came out right. Oddly the only time I’ve seen it at 100% was with no discs in the drives.

It’s a little confusing, maybe this will help.
The (Quality: _%) refers to the amount of compression applied in express. For eg., it will read 100% ONLY when the file size is less than or = to to an SL disc, ie., no compression is applied.

Here’s an example, Pirates of the Caribbean:

Format capacity: 7.51GB (8.06GB)

The first is complete disc and the second main movie. You can see in this particular example that there is not much difference in compression, ie., the “extras” just didn’t add much to the file size.

BTW, if the start button is active, then it’s “ready”.

Thanks Mainman explains the 100% with no discs. I wondered why it did not say how much compression was needed,because like
Danny I thought that it was telling you if it was ready to record or not :doh:

Hi Fino,

Keep in mind that when you copy main movie only, sound can be deleted. When I do main movie I delete the foreign languages and director comments. That reduces compression rate, but the % figure on the screen will not change.

Here’s another puzzler with a 4.16GB disc in says 98% ready?

Your DVDR setting is 4200 MB which is 4,1 GB. So Fab must compress to 98 per cent.

Should I change the DVDR setting? Or would it be best to leave it alone.

I believe Hun and Mack were recently posting about this very issue…not sure where, but a search should net you some additonal info. Personally, I would leave it at 4200MB. Keep in mind that the laser writes from inner to outer edge, so that the outer edge is wriiten to last. The dye tends to thin out on the outer edge and can become inconsistent and thus unreliable. This is especially true of poor/marginal quality media. Mack also mentioned that the outer edge is actually moving faster than the burn speed would indicate…something I never thought about until he brought it up, but it makes perfect sense. He would certainly know more of the specifics.

Anyway, I’m not saying folks that increase the “target size” are wrong, but it’s more “chancy”. I think the cost/benefit ratio is lousy.

Yea it’s working great would rather not mess with it.