DirectCD, Write CD-RW & Mt. Rainier Question?

Well, I was using DirectCD ealier.

Now I have switched to InCD as the DirectCD version doesn’t support my burner.

Just looked at the version changes of DirectCD yesterday.

My burner is now supported in DirectCD.

Before downloading a 18.4 MB update on my slow dial-up connection I would like to ask:

  1. How good is Mt. Rainier Support in DirectCD? (The version changes page on roxio’s website shows that DirectCD now completely supports Mt. Rainier now)

  2. Has anyone tried it to Format a CD-RW in Mt. Rainier format?

  3. rdgrimes suggested to me this software Write CD-RW ?

I would also like to Packet Write to CD-Rs like i used to do in DirectCD. InCD doesn’t have this feature.

  1. Which software shall I use for Using CD-RWs in Mt. Rainier Format & packet write to CD-Rs - DirectCD or Write CD-RW ???
  1. The latest DirectCD version does support Mt. Rainier. It seems to work just fine.

  2. Yes. Format took about a minute total for formatting, file structures and verifying. I haven’t done any timed tests, but InCD seems faster.

  3. I did not suggest that software.

  4. If you want to packet write to CDR’s, you will have to use DirectCD. Personally, my preference is DirectCD.

Packet writing to CDR’s with the Lite-on 48125W is very slow. A 12x Plextor can packet write to CDR’s much faster than the 48x Liteon.

Sorry Inertia, just overlooked.

rdgrimes suggested that software.

I have corrected my post.

i have 2, writers which have mountrainier support.have direct cd
the 5.1 supports both writers,my question is looked on the roxio site and cant find directcd update for mount rainier.can somebody tell me how to find the link on the roxio site. please.colin

Full Mt. Rainier (EasyWrite) support for DirectCD was added in version 5.3.1. The latest version of DirectCd is .

It is downloaded as part of the latest Easy CD Creator Update.

Yeah, the download is around 18.4 MB

WriteCD-RW will use CDR’s as well as RW, but it caches all the data until you eject the disc, then locks the drive while it writes the CDR. As far as RW use, it is completely integrated into the OS, does not lock the drive or cause any eject problems like InCD does. It’s practicly invisable. There’s a free trial that does not support CDR’s, but works very well. WriteCD-RW comes with an interesting utility for rescuing data from any corrupted UDF disc. If I was inclined to use any UDF writer, this would be it.

How do you rate DirectCD compared to WriteCD-RW with regards to all aspects like:

  1. Mt. Rainier Support
  2. Packet writing to CD-R
  3. Packet writing to CD-RW
  1. Mt. Rainier Support --------------Yes, writable in 30 sec.
  2. Packet writing to CD-R -----------Yes, but clumsy, maybe this is a result of MRW.
  3. Packet writing to CD-RW----------Yes, integtared into OS, right-click on the drive to format, etc.

So you say WriteCD-RW is better than DirectCD ??? :confused:

Why don’t you try the free trial, decide for yourself?

OK. I’ll try it myself.

Thanx all of you.