DirectCD - The files are not visible

Hello, folks. Need help from a power user here.

Recently I copied some files to a formated CD-R. I’m not sure if I used DirectCD by simply draging and droping or if I created a new session.

By the time I didn’t noticed, but today I saw that the files are not there! The directory I created for them is there, but empty.

The CD properties window says it has 618MB of data, but I can see by selecting all the content that they take only 400MB of space. I’m quite sure this means that the ~ 200MB of files were actualy copied, but are for some reason invisible.

Now I need this files for I lost the original ones. Is there a way to recover the data? What happened here?

I’m attaching the info shown on the Easy CD Creator info command, hope it’s useful.

Thank you guys!