DirectCD Problems

Recently I’ve had problems with my Win2K professional which led me to save all my files and reinstall the Win2K program. With that being done I lost my programs. Which I’m in the process of reinstalling. The process has been going fine until I reinstall Easy CD Creator 4 DeLuxe. I think the first problem which was with ECDC 4 has been solved since I was able to fine an upgrade and able to install it. However, a bigger problem for me has been (1) finding the upgrade for DirectCD 3.05. Well, I finally found a copy and downloaded it.
When I tried to install it I get this message “dcd_v305_up.exe is no a valid WIN32 application” I guess since I was able to update to 3.05 before I don’t undstand why it won’t install now or what I have done wrong.

Please help!!!

Don Mc (Newbie)

In most cases this is caused by a bad file or one with a virus I would try and download it again or look for another place to download it. Go to google and search is not a valid WIN32 application for more info on this.

You should be able to pick up a copy of Roxio 7/7.5 very cheaply off the likes of Ebay and the now renamed DragToDisk should be completely compatible with any DirectCD discs you might have being as it’s the same product.

I’ve used Adaptec/Roxio from V4 and think that 7.5 is the best version they’ve done