DirectCD help

i am having a problem with easy cd creator 5.0.every time i try to use the directcd utility i get a blue screen.this is what i get:
an exception has occurred at bla bla bla in vxd IOS(01) called from bla bla bla in vxd CDVSD(01). any body know how to fix this?.any help would be great.i am tired of making coasters.thanks.

Tyan Trinity 400 motherboard with latest via drivers
windows 98 se
diamond viper 16 mb video card with latest drivers
soundblaster pci 128 sound card
nec dvd player
yamaha 8x8x24ez burner
easy cd creator with latest updates
512 mb pc 133 ram

IOS.VXD and CDVSD.VXD are both Microsoft virtual device drivers.

Are you using Dr. Solomon’s AntiVirus?

What other software is running in the background?

i am running norton antivirus.there is really nothing else running in the background.i shut off everything.i disabled the dvdrom and directcd works fine.why would the dvd player mess things up?

Some older DVD drives were known to be picky about the IDE cable configuration. I don’t know this to be the case with the NEC, but the blue screen you are getting is odd and it is worth trying a change to the current IDE setup to see if it has an effect.

Depending on how the DVD-ROM and burner are presently connected, you could try reversing or changing the IDE setup. Be sure to reset the jumpers in the back of the drives for proper master or slave operation.