DirectCD and Nero



directcd and nero don’t get along good with each other at all! the problem is that when you have both installed at the same time, you get a blue screen lockup when your computer starts up. i would use the write2cd that came with my drive, but i want compatibility with directcd because thats what i have on my other computer which has the internet (this one right now)…so, to make a long story short, i need directcd for transferring downloads to my other computer, and then writing other stuff to the same disc from the 2nd computer. got it? give me some suggestions.


Just create a shortcut to DirectCD, remove it from your start-up, then start it via the shortcut when you want to use.
By-the-way, I have both DirectCD & Nero on my system, together, with no ill effects!


I read somewhere that first you must install Nero, then install Direct CD. After that just remove the file: scsi1hlp.vxd
It’s located in windows/system/iosubsys.
(make a backup of this file before removing it, better yet… move it)
Don’t know if this works, because I haven’t tried it out myself.


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