Directcd and mirai bp4 scsi

i have a mirai bp4 scsi 16x writer and i get a message that no cd writers can be found i have looked through the roxio site and i cannot seem to find the answer at the moment has anyone got this to work with this drive if not what is the best packet writing software to use


According to Roxio support for Mirai CRD-BP4, your burner has long since been supported (although it doesn’t mention it as a SCSI model).

What version of Easy CD Creator and DirectCD are you using?

i am using the latest 5.1 platinum version

Go to Easy CD Creator 5.x Software Updates .

Under section 4 there is a download patch if burners are not recognized after v5.1 is installed. Download and install the DriveUp_v51d.exe patch and see if your burner is recognized.

brilliant thanks i’ve searched everywhere for that it seems to be formatting it now hopefully it will work ok

You’re welcome. :wink: