Direct3d Error with Neverwinter Nights 2

Hi, I bought the game Neverwinter Nights 2, and was excited to play it, I installed and started the game and this message came up saying “Windows could not find any compatible Direct3D devices. The application will now exit.” How do I fix this?

I really appreciate any help given.


What video card do you have and do you have the latest drivers installed?

I bought Neverwinter Nights 2 everything was fine untill I got to the sceen where you choose play, load, new game. I clicked new game and it put me back to the desktop, no error messages nothing. A friend of mine told me to try a different video card and more ram. I put 2GIGS of Ram and bought Radeon X1950 pro 256MB and upgraded my power supply to 650 watts. Now the game runs perfect, I have had no problems at all.

You need a newer video card to play NWN2

To get around the “Could not find any compatible Direct3D devices” error:

You don’t need the latest graphics cards to play the latest games. There is a program called: “3danalyzer v236” (google it for download) which will allow you to trick the game into thinking you have the latest card. 3danalyzer will disable features in the game that your card does not have. For most games such as NWN2 the problem is the pixel shader which is not necessary to play the game. But the game may be buggy.

To play the game I used version 1115 and the following settings on 3danalyzer with “nwn2main.exe”

Under “Hardware Limits (cap bits)” at the top middle I checked:

emulate HW Tnl Caps
emulate pixel shader caps
emulate bump map caps

For different cards the settings may be different. I’ve got a thinkpad z60t I think a 1.4mhz processor and some intel chipset and was able to play at 800x600 with medium detail settings.