Direct2Drive protection?



I was wondering abour downloading full games legaly using the Direct2Drive service, does anybody know if:

  1. I have to be online to play them (like with Steam)
  2. What format do they come (ISO, ZIP etc)
  3. Can I burn them onto CD/DVD
  4. Are the protected at all


Ben :slight_smile:


Hi Ben,

  1. No you don’t have to be online to play them, But each installation/activation of a game disables the last licence.
  2. I’ve seen .zip and i think i saw .iso
  3. Yes you can.
  4. Yes with some sort of drm as you can only apply patches from the D2D site.

If you look through the site a bit more you will see all of these questions and more are answered. I think it’s a great idea as even with the conversion rate they are still less than half of what they cost here.


I know, and they dont take any time to arrive, so seem like a great alternative to illegal downloads.

I might try buying a cheap $10 one to see what its like, I am hoping they will get more games soon, as so far the range is poor.


Ben :slight_smile:


Is it just me or would i rather prefer to have a physical medium? To me it just seems im getting more for my money.


You can burn it to a CD-R?


I mean originals. They are original, and you can do alot of things with them that downloade ones can’t do.


What do you mean dude? They are original, You can burn them to a cd and you don’t need a cd to run them. Or are you talking about the illegall ripped ones?


No. I just like the pressed CDs and the look of them. Also i like the documentation and the boxes and all that. To me it feels more authentic then a downloaded game. Just my $0.02.


Pressed CDs and docs are cool, but id rather save money ;).


No question;) But i rarely buy games at full price:)


I can guarantee you aren’t buying games cheaper than that in Australia, Not a chance. Some of those recent released games are just over $30 AUD on D2D, in the stores they are still $80