Direct .VOB Capture With Pinancle Deluxe Box



Hi Friends,
I have pinanle deluxe box capture card. i bought it for only capturing DVD Videos But i can’t Do This.
My Capture card only captures mpeg1, mpeg2 And dvd compatible mpeg2 so i can’t burn this files directly to DVD (.Vob) Format. I tried to convert Dvd compatible mpeg2 Files to VOB but that takes so longer time than capture.

  • is there any software like directly capture VOB Format?
  • is there any burner like mpg to VOB ( without taking timr to Convert)
  • Have you Heard That " NeoDVD" can Directly Burn mpg to VOB.
  • OR How Can i Capture DVD Video Files Quickly

Please Help me, I’m From Turkey And I Couldn’t Find Answer to my questions in my country’s forums.


Can Anybody Write Something About Capturing .VOB??