Direct TV Question



Does anyone know if I can use an activated Direct TV receiver in another house as long as the other house has an direct tv dish pointed in the correct direction?? Basically, I want to watch Direct TV at my vacation house and do not want to pay for another account. So I was wondering if I could use one of my already activated receivers that I have at my house, and bring it to my vacation house and use it there for a couple of days. Is this possible??? Thanks for any help you might have.


Either you use a slingbox or other kind of streaming tech via the internet.


If your vacation house already has a DirecTV dish, you should be able to connect your receiver to it, assuming the other dish picks up the same footprints. I know DirecTV uses a handful fo satellites, so I’m not fully sure if it will operate properly if the dish is pointing to different satellites.

However, if your box is connected to the telephone line, some interactive features such as pay-per-view may not work while using it at your vacation home.

The best thing to do is give it a try. :wink:


The only thing you might have to fiddle with is adjusting the zip to receive local channels. Other than that I don’t think it will be a problem.

You should be able to buy an extra receiver and leave it at your vacation home.

When we moved into our current house it had a DTV dish and I simply plugged in my receivers and started watching TV . . .


Ah, sorry, i got the question wrong in this case. :frowning:


Yes you can. I have done exactly that in the past. As you said, as long as you have a DTV dish hooked up at that house, and your receiver is being used on an active account, you connect your receiver and watch the same tv you watch where your account is setup at.