Direct copying vs Exact Audio Copy

So far, there are two methods I have used to make copies of CDs that I have. I always copy my CDs as soon as I get them and then use to copy for everyday listening and never touch the original again until the copy I use gets broken or stolen and then I make another copy.

1.) I put the original audio CD into my Lite-On 52X burner and select the “Copy Entire Disk” option in Nero Express. Nero makes an image of the CD on the hard drive and then burns the image onto blank CD-R media.

2.) I use Exact Audio Copy to rip the tracks from the original CD to WAV files on my hard drive. I then use Nero Express to burn an Audio CD from these WAV files.

Which method is better, other things being equal? I usually burn at 24X with Memorex Music CD-Rs that say “Is it live or is it Memorex” on them?

Also, what is a good method for extracting the data from CDs that are physically damaged, fixing the errors using software, and then burning it to a new CD so it sounds as close to the original as possible so I won’t have to by a new CD? Is there any way to do this if I have a CD that is scratched up really bad?



Normal audio ripping won’t care very much about errors. This is what Nero or burst ripping does.
If the drive isn’t able to quickly correct the reading errors, the process will continue wihtout caring.

If EAC is well configured, every sector will be read twice and compared to make sure they’re equal.
Of course, you must use “Secure mode” in EAC, which is slow.