Direct Copy CD's

Why do I get errors such as I/O error - Write error - buffer underrun and Track Write error - Flush failed, when trying to direct copy a non protected cd ?
Both cd’s are on the same secondary ide port. HP 9500 burner as the master and Creative 52 speed as the slave.
Hardware is 800 Mhz Intel with 128 megs of ram. Softare is Easy Creator 4.03. The Copy CD mode works with the two drives only if I use the temp to hardrive option.

Any help, Please


Maybe try to connect the CD-ROM to the primary IDE as slave, while you leave the burner on the secondary as master. This way the data throughput of the CD-ROM will not interfere with the data throughput of the burner.

Perhaps you have more than one CDR-software installed that conflicts? And you should try Nero, it is better than EZCD, in my humble opinion…


Thanks for your help and suggestions. Nero saved the day. All is fine and working great. Nero wants the two cd drives on different ide ports. One happy dude here.


That is what we are all here for, help eachother in times of need :wink: