Direct connect, a new filesharing program

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CDRWizard submitted something really nice today. We all know the popular sharing programs like Kazaa and WinMX. Now guess what: another program like that has been released. It’s called: Direct…

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This is really old news chaps…been out for ages and it was here that i found out about it…:+

What if I share c:winnt?!?!?!

it’s an okay program… I like Hotline better though

Now I have to say that this is really old news. I have used it for long time. (I don’t like writings like hey this is old news, but now I had to say it.) I thought there was post here earlier about this program too, I’m not sure but I think so… And I hav to say that it is good software… Works fine, is easy to use, and works fine (it’s twice because it really works fine) :slight_smile:

Just for the record… The program uses servers(Lots of them), only they’re provided by anyone who whants to be a server. :d But still… The list of servers is created by a centralpoint. And therefor easily shutdown. :c

this program is crap. i’m on 56k. for me to download something, i need abs nothing else using bandwidth. this doesn’t happen when i’m sharing files. if i were on cable, i’d share everything but i’m not and can’t. once again, this software is crap.

This is a file SHARING program, not a leaching program! It’s crap for people don’t/can’t share but great for all others. But I agree, this is really old news. Go to if you’re after news regarding file-sharing programs.

Heh, Im using the program and it rocks to swap files and utils with :4 Also made a lot of friends that way :slight_smile: And then again I’m also an Op so dont screw around the Dude :+