Direct CD screwed up cd!

i was adding another mp3 album onto a directcd formatted cd-r. My computer froze whil i was ejecting the disc and wouldn’t respond and i got a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) error message.:frowning:

So i restarted and when i went back in to check it, it showed there was no data on my disc. So i looked on the bottom of the disc and there was still data written, i have blindwrite suite, fireburner, directcd, and easy cd creator installed on my computer. Is there anyway i can recover the data that was lost???

If anyone can help, thanx in advance.

You can probably recover most of the data with CDR Diagnostic that you can find here :

It’s shareware.

Or use Isobuster : free software.
Get it here :

or here:

You could try the ScanDisc utility in DirectCD CD Utilities. This will frequently recover unreadable disks.