Direct CD recording through a microphone?

I have a colleague who is recording professional counseling sessions with a standard cassette recorder. The client then has the option of keeping the session when it is over.

Clients are more frequently requesting the session on CD, but this colleague doesn’t seem to have the capability to do this and has asked me for help in how she could record stuff to CD for clients.

Once solution I thought of is to get a small mp3 player that has voice recording capability. Then the sessions can be either e-mailed or burned to a CD for the client.

However, is there possibly a device out there that records directly to a CD from a microphone (like the current portable cassette recorder) so it can immediately be given to the client after the session is over? Sessions are only about an hour and I know CDs can hold about 70-80 minutes so this method would be perfect if the right equipment could be found/obtained.

@ buscuitboy,

I believe what you are looking for is a Desktop Stand-Alone Audio CD Recorder.

I believe the Marantz Professional CDR300 Portable CD Recording System is a device that might meet your needs. Perhaps the below Web Link will provide some information on the Marantz Professional CDR300 Portable CD Recording System.

For additional similar devices suggest using Google Search ( and search for the topic “Stand-Alone Audio CD Recorder”. There are many Desktop Stand-Alone Audio CD Recorders that have a large integrated HardDisk that will archive the recording sessions.