Direct CD and XP/95

I use CD-RWs and DirectCD to take work to/from home, which has been fine until I got a new XP machine at home. Now of course I can read from both, but can only write from one of them, as I was using Easy CD 4.1 (OEM at work, full version at home).

Easy CD 4.1 is not compatible with XP, but as I only want DirectCD (I now have Nero on the XP machine), do I need the whole Easy CD 5 upgrade just to get packet writing working?

As Roxio worked with Microsoft on the XP software, is it an updated DirectCD that is actually doing the work on my XP machine?

I am using DirectCD 3.01 at work which is a Win95 machine (yes I know, but one of our apps needs it!). I believe Nero InCD would work on both, but I would still need to buy it for my work PC.

Since you are using Nero on your home XP machine, try using InCD for writing at home. Both DirectCD and InCD use the UDF v1.50 format, and the discs will be readable by both programs.

I believe that you will also be able to write to a disc with either program using this common format.

DirectCD packet writing is not used in WinXP. The Roxio burning software in WinXP is a limited version of the Easy CD Creator software.

You should update your DirectCD work software to v3.05. It’s a free update and has a lot of improvements and fixes. See DirectCD 3 for Windows - Version History and Update DirectCD for Windows 3.01 or later to 3.05.

Thanks I shall give InCD a try. Obviously the ability to write from both machines is the key, as I can already read from both.

I am still confused about packet writing: I thought Direct CD provided that method of writing as part of Easy CD, but you say Direct CD is not part of the XP standard software. I may be asking more about this when I have tried InCD!

I have updated to DirectCD 3.05 at work - many thanks for the advice.

You’re very welcome. :slight_smile:

DirectCD uses packet writing (UDF v1.5) and is packaged with the Easy CD Creator retail package.

It is not “part” of or integrated with Easy CD Creator, but is a separate standalone program using a totally different writing format.

Using InCD on my XP machine has solved the problem - I can now read/write to my CD-RWs on Win95 (using DirectCD 3.05) and XP.
Many thanks.

You’re welcome. :wink: