Direct Cable Connection RJ-45

I know this is not about CD’s but how do you do a direct cable connection with a RJ-45 Ethernet Cable. Transfer files from one computer to the other without a hub or router.

Use a crossover cable. Should be readily available at your local computer shop or Compusa etc.

Great, and how do you set it up with windows xp professional?

Plug it in, map network drives, transfer. Also be sure to enable sharing on the drives in question.

I dont understand ‘map network drives’?

I know how to enable sharing on the drives.

Open Windows Explorer, goto Tools - Map network drives -follow the directions. Do you have a manual, or know how to use Google?

Thanks, its easy now.

Hubs, switches and routers are cheap now. Buy one and some normal cable and you’ll be ready to add a third machine to your network with no sweat at all.