Dirbackup to cd > 3 GIG Howto?

How can i backup some directorys to cd when the contents is larger than 650mb (4 Gb).

I want to select some directory’s and the program is smart enough to create a filebackup of these dir;s and splits them into several cd’s if necessary.

SO: no Harddisk backup in nero which does sectorbackup, just plain old backing up the dir’s, writing them to disk and it’s smart enough to ask to enter a new empty cd if necessarry

I used the program hp simple backup, but it probably wouldn’t work with your writer. That program asks for a new disk whenever the other one is full.

I prefer Norton Ghost in MultiCast mode (creating multivolume images and dumping 'em to clients again over the network or on CD’s), making an autobooting CD and suppliying it to clients so I won’t have to bother with their system crashes.

Ghost takes a bit of figuring out though, specially the MultiCast mode.

If anyone 's interested, I 'll post a tutorial in this forum.

Of course I know how to copy disks. Where’s the xerox machine?