Dino Crisis PSX PATCH



I'm searching for a working Dini Crisis patch
I sed some patched and burned it but when i try ro play the game it hangs in the startup screan. Thanks


Have u tried http://www.gamecopyworld.com they have a section called PSX BACKUP WORLD they have all the revelent patches.
good Luck.


Ch5 Micky


Yeah I tried already 4 pathes and it still doesn’t work. I brn them on a CDRW and test them with bleem


Sorry Mr.T, but it seems like Bleem doesn’t support Dino Crisis. Remember: Bleem is an Emulator. It doesn’t emulate all the games which are available on the PlayStation. If none of the patches on GameCopyWorld/PSXBackupWorld worked, you either didn’t apply the patch right (like if you could apply it wrong…DUH) or Bleem doesn’t support it yet. Try your patched version on a real PSX for testing (or just buy one!). If you have a registered version of Bleem (which you probably don’t), you could ask them if this game is supported. Try their site… http://www.bleem.com or SIGNING OFF