Dino Crisis 2- not copying problem

The forum guide said that general questions about software not working should go here, so here goes:
I bought Dino Crisis nib and it worked perfectly well, no sound skipping, no problem about the cd drive, no video problems, nothing! But then I get to a point where the game play is supposed to shift from one character to the next, and it locks up, just a black screen with continuous audio- not looping, just a piece of music, and the only key that works is f9- exit the game.
I have tried: changing my directx and direct 3d settings, reinstalling the game, running it in window mode, using a different drive, checking the cd- flawless-everything I can find recommended.
What else can I do? I simply cannot get past this point.
Please help.

Nevermind. I downloaded another person’s savegame file, and ran it, and using it, the game ran just fine. Odd.
Thanks anyhew.

Does this other person’s savegame help you skip the point were the error occurs? So was this savegame saved at a further point in the game?

Welcome aboard btw! Hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

Dee-ehn, Thanks!
No, the savegame actually came right before the place where I was having trouble; for some reason, after loading from it- not my savegame at the same place- that particular part worked fine.
I don’t know; can it have somehow just made my game smarten up? Will that part now work fine if I play up to it again?