Dino Bloody Crisis




I have copied dino crisis using clonecd, CDrwin, Wizard gold V5 and anything else and I still end up with the screen freezing on “contains violence …”. I have a new stealth chip installed form chipzone which works perfectly with every other game, I have also tried applying the patches form gamecopyworld but to no avail. Everytime I try to apply the PPL patch the progiie says file size does not match apply anyway?. I do this but it still doesn’t work. Does anyone have a working copy or can tell me where to download the proper patch. The version is rented from Blockbuster in the uk so is a PAL UK version.

Please help
C Tiner


I never copied the game but with clonecd I never had any problems! Try using clonecd again using a different reader!
Don’t know if it will work, but I only want to help!
Good luck!


Try using CDRWIN to make an image of the game to your hard drive (defrag it first). This is done by selecting the extract files etc (it’s the icon with a CD and a hard drive behind it), set error correction to ignor and the burn speed at 1x, leave the rest at their defaults give you image a name e.g ‘Dino.bin’. Click on Start Recording (it takes roughly half a hour). Go to http://GameCopyWorld.com ,dowload a utility called ppf-o-matic and then download the dino crises patch for your country, use ppf-o-matic to apply the patch simply point it to the dino.bin image you’ve just created. Once an image is made and the patch is applied you can burn it onto a blank CD. Click on the first icon (the one with the CD and the laser pointing at it). Make sure the burn speed is 1 x. Click on start recording and in about forty minutes you should have a working copy of Dino Crises.

Ch5 Micky