DIN vs RCA connectors/jacks

My new Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! external USB sound board requires DIN connector for the speakers. I just want to use my left and right desktop speakers that have RCA jacks.

At the moment, I’m listening to the right channel only since there is only one RCA female outlet in the box. The other plug holes are for the rear speakers and such.

Sound is fine, but I want both channels, and I’m not interested in 2.1 sound – I don’t want or need that thumping base power of the center speaker.

Any suggestions? Is there a DIN with two female RCS holes that would work for me here?

What are my options, short of buying a set of 2.1 speakers?

Pop into an Electronics shop like “Maplins” n they should have All that you need.
If in UK just Google Maplins.

Thanks, I was hoping to hear that . . .